April 16th, 2007

New Trader Policy

Effective Immediately


Because of an increase in animal listings and services offered listings on the Trader, we are implementing a new policy.


We reserve the right to deny any listing if (in our judgment) we believe a substantial and sustaining profit is being made by calling or e-mailing the Trader.  Multiple animal and/or services that generate substantial and sustaining profit will NOT be accepted for free.


The Trader will remain FREE for those who want to list items in moderation, with the exception of items that are covered under our normal policies for firearms, listed real estate, businesses and so on. Yard Sales will also remain FREE.


The items denied under this new policy CAN BE listed for a small fee of $10 per week, plus a handling fee of $1 per listing.  If you want to use the trader for these items, please log onto our website.... www.thehoss.com or Click Here and print off an order form. You can also call us and ask for our billing department and we will take your item and charge it by credit card over the phone.


We appreciate your understanding of this new policy.




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